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게시판 목록

번호, 제목, 작성자, 등록일, 조회수로 표시

NO Year Journal Category Title Author
64 2022 STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES International Assessment of Concrete Macrocrack Depth Using Infrared Thermography Jaehoon Bae, Arum Jang, Min Jae Park, Jonghoon Lee, Young K. Ju
63 2022 STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES International Interfacial Shear Resistance of Angle Shear Connectors Welded to Concrete Filled U-shaped .. Hyoung Seok Oh, Hyeongyeop Shin, Young kyu Ju, Thomas H.-K. Kang
62 2022 REMOTE SENSING International Structural Stability Evaluation of Existing Buildings by Reverse Engineering with 3D Laser.. 첨부파일있음 Arum Jang, Young K. Ju, Min Jae Park
61 2022 POLYMERS International Structural Behavior of a Composite Curtain Wall Fabricated by the Fused Deposition Modelin.. 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Jaehoon Bae, Young K. Ju
60 2022 ENGINEERING STRUCTURES International New Approaches for Floor Vibrations of Steel–Polymer–Steel Sandwich Floor Systems 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Sung Won Yoon, Young K.Ju
59 2022 SENSORS International SMART SKY EYE System for Preliminary Structural Safety Assessment of Buildings Using Unman.. 첨부파일있음 Jaehoon Bae, Jonghoon Lee, Arum Jang, Young K. Ju, Min Jae Park
58 2022 BUILDINGS International Disaster Assessment of Tall Buildings in Korea by K-Rapid Visual Screening System Focusing.. 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Young K. Ju
57 2022 POLYMERS International Fire Resistance Performance of Steel–Polymer Prefabricated Composite Floors Using Standa.. 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Robel Wondimu Alemayehu, Young K. Ju
56 2022 REMOTE SENSING International Machine Learning-Based Concrete Crack Depth Prediction Using Thermal Images Taken under Da.. 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Jihyung Kim, Sanggi Jeong, Arum Jang, Jaehoon Bae, Young K. Ju
55 2022 MATERIALS International Bond Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Mega Columns with Different Connectors 첨부파일있음 Robel Wondimu Alemayehu, Jaehoon Bae, Young K. Ju, Min Jae Park
54 2022 MATERIALS International Seismic Performance of F3D Free-Form Structures Using Small-Scale Shaking Table Tests 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Gain Cheon, Robel Wondimu Alemayehu, Young K. Ju
53 2022 Construction and Building Materials International Finite element model for the steel-polymer composite floor filled with phase-change amorph.. 첨부파일있음 Min Jae Park, Young K. Ju
52 2021 ENGINEERING STRUCTURES International Tapered reduced deep beam connection for long span steel moment frames 첨부파일있음 Robel Wondimu Alemayehu, Sihwa Jung, Jaehoon Bae, Chang-Hwan Lee, Young K. Ju
51 2021 METALS International Experimental and Finite Element Study of Polymer Infilled Tube-in-Tube Buckling Restr.. 첨부파일있음 Manwoo Park
Min Jae Park
Young K. Ju
Youngsik Kim
Robel Wondimu Alemayehu
50 2021 International Journal of Steel Structures International Pattern‑Search‑Based Algorithm for Ground‑Motion Selection with Targeted Mean and.. 첨부파일있음 Young K. Ju
Gifari Zulkarnaen